Sucked In

Sucked In

By:Charissa Dufour

Language:English | 0 | Words:88990 | Category:Others

This book is uploaded by JR2YDC.



Ashley writes sappy vampire romance novels suddenly finds herself face-to-face with the real thing and discovers she has a lot to learn. Ashley Hawn writes novels where the dark, handsome, brooding anti-hero always gets the attractive mortal girl... that is, until her out-of-her-league boyfriend turns her into a creature of the night. The only problem is, real life vampires are nothing like the creatures of her imagination. Suddenly, she is trapped in in the middle of a supernatural war that challenges everything she thought she understood about the world of fiction, leaving her with the realization that being a vampire actually sucks.Cover by Samantha-Abbie Padillo




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